Dr Fred Rouse the Top Retired Certified Financial Planner and Expert on Money

There is a reason that Dr Rouse is called "The REAL Money Doctor" by his colleagues and clients alike!

Officially, the title of “Dr.” was bestowed upon Fred Rouse because his lifelong dedication to studying money and economics led him to achieve a Doctorate in Business Administration in Small Business Finance (DBA) and a PhD in Taxation. But, the retired Certified Financial Planner® is proud to have earned his designation as “The REAL Money Doctor” from his Clients after years of being in the trenches, going above and beyond in serving their needs.

Since the mid-80s, his diversified Financial Management Group has helped hundreds of select individuals and small businesses of up to six employees throughout the greater Philadelphia area. With nearly 30 years of tax, asset protection, business and trading experience, he shows Clients how to reduce their taxes and structure their businesses for the maximum tax savings, asset protection and privacy.

For most CFPs, the story of their career ends with building a satisfied regional Clientele and helping them with mutual funds and insurance. However, Dr. Rouse went further helping Clients make and keep money while taking care of the finer details, from reviewing bookkeeping and payroll to sales, income, corporate, partnership and/or LLC tax returns. He uncovered ways for his Clients to effectively eliminate some taxes by changing the structure of their business and the “character” of their income. By saving several of them as much as $18,000 per year, they realized they had more spendable cash to invest for their own interest. That was simply the foundation for Dr. Rouse, whose passion for trading commodities – and the great success he has achieved in this realm over the years - has earned him another key designation from students of the EOD (End of Day) Scalping Trading Course that he launched in 2010: “The Quiet Trader.”

After initially only offering this program to existing Clients, Dr. Rouse and his team found the need to open it up to the general public when he became increasingly aware of the overwhelming financial needs of individuals, their woefully inadequate savings and investment habits and their desire to find a way out of their stagnant financial situations.

After over $350,000 in development costs and 10 years of testing, the course is truly the “Only Complete Trading System” that guides students on how to double their annual income with a minimal time investment of less than 30 minutes per day. He is amazingly and consistently insistent that his students prove the results to themselves before risking any actual trading capital. With Dr. Rouse’s revolutionary approach to commodities trading, he believes it is possible for students to make a million dollars over the course of seven years and demonstrates exactly that in one of his webinars on money.

Dr. Rouse’s desire to share his vast practical wisdom has led him to become a bestselling author. His works include The END of YOUR EMPLOYMENT: 10 Keys to Your Ideal Business, How to Quit Your Job, Stop Your Money Worries and Start Living Life on Your Terms; and The Real Money Doctor’s College Student’s Money Guide. He is also a contributing author to the Amazon best-sellers 10 Ways for Any Business to Easily Make More Money and 10 Businesses That People Can Start Online in 1 Day Or Less. He also penned a thought provoking chapter called “Truth” in the overnight Best Seller Soul of Success, Vol. 1: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Core Strategies for Getting to the Heart of Health Wealth and Success, with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul® fame. Dr Rouse has received two National Awards and is also listed as one of America’s Premier Experts and has been featured on FOX News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, USA Today, Wall Street, Business, International Business Times, The Money Show, Investing Daily and more.

International Best Seller

For those intrigued to learn more about the course, Dr. Rouse offers a free money training webinar in which he exposes eight mind-blowing “money lies” that the government, Wall Street and the banks have been concealing from average working Americans for decades about money, taxes and trading. He teaches people how to turn those lies around and exploit them into cash and a secure financial future for themselves and their families, so they never have to worry about money again.

As stated on Dr. Rouse’s “Quiet Trader” website, which includes regular blogs on everything from taxes (what’s going on and how to reduce yours) and trading (how to make money, what works and what to avoid), his webinar is designed to help people “finally put an end to your financial worries in 90 minutes – and live life on your terms.” Another important idea he conveys is “How to Stop the lies today and start profiting like a Wall Street Mogul.”

In the webinar, Dr. Rouse discusses powerful concepts and facts that have never been revealed before, including:

*How to retire in 7 years or less without working a second job or 70+ hours a week

*What the government, bankers and Wall Street won’t tell you about your pension, 401(k) and IRA that will have you working into your 80s just to survive

* What the Bankers were hoping you didn't notice, why it’s crippling you more than two perpetually painful broken legs, and how to make Real Money turning it to YOUR Advantage

*Debunking the Wall Street investment lies that have you working endless hours for almost no return. Lie #1: You need too much money to start. Lie #2: You can’t invest or trade because there are TOO many things to choose from. Lie #3: You can’t “test” the results of a trading system without risking your money. Lie #4: Trading is just like gambling – the house always wins.

*The Social Security myth that will force to work into your 80’s

*How you can gain the worry free lifestyle and respect you want and deserve.

Dr. Rouse’s initial interest in commodities trading stems from his search for a better way to make money. He first got involved with a well-known expert who taught him how to trade “1, 2, 3 tops and bottoms.” A former realtor, Dr. Rouse was fascinated by the speed of transactions compared to the real estate industry, the phenomenal leverage, immediate liquidity and the amount of personal control over the investment without a mortgage, insurance, property inspections and tenants. Quickly immersed in various books and trading courses, he took an initial $5,000 trading account to $2 million in two years. In his webinar, he’s very upfront about what came next – losing it all over the next six months trying to convert the $2 million into $4 million.

“I found commodities trading to be an interesting ride,” he says. “I was devastated losing all that money and it took me a while to recover. I thought that somehow, if I could get this right, if I could just find the right system, I can make a lot of money and show my Clients how to do that too. While continuing my tax-based practice for select individuals and small businesses with the traditional mutual funds and life insurance over the next 15 years, I started my quest. I invested in and researched almost every book, trading course and mentoring program I could find in search of a trading system that actually worked for the average guy. I was consumed with commodities every day, printing charts, spending money on books, training and consultants, then testing their trading programs. I found that none of them was the complete trading system that would work for my Clients and me. I took the useful bits and pieces from all those books and courses then I designed, tested, tweaked and re-tested my own system until I knew it worked. Within a few more years, I was ready to roll out the only trading course that was designed, tested and approved by a top Certified Financial Planner®: the Quiet Trader EOD Trading System.”

Explaining the essence of the program, Dr. Rouse continues: “What the system does is simply look at the chart to see if one line crosses the other line. If it does, you then go to an effortless push button simple checklist to decide if you should put a trade on or not. If not, that’s the end of the work on that chart for the day. If yes, and the conditions are met from the trading checklist (Quiet Trader EOD Scalping Battle Plan), then the system gives you the direction and the exact price for you to get in the next day, specifically where to get out with a profit, and where to put a stop/loss if a trade goes against you. I tested and retested this for several years on a number of different commodities. After reviewing the results for over a year I found that for the most part, you can get in and out with a profit in the same or one day for most trades. The longest we hold a trade is generally four days. And because we’re in and out so quickly, we don’t ride the emotional roller coaster of most market swings or the problems with major banks and brokerage houses manipulating currencies or other commodities.”

He designed the system as simply as possible – and in fact mentions that it’s basic enough for his own teenage children to be able to trade. “The course is designed to help people make money with an exceptionally simple turnkey trading system,” Dr. Rouse says. “I take the emotions out of trading and make it as black and white and 1, 2, 3 procedural as possible. Everyone wants to make money a complex issue, but it’s simple if you let it be. I’ve developed, researched and tested the only complete trading system that can take someone with no experience and turn them into a profitable trader that can make a very good living from trading in record time. For the experienced trader, this is the system they always wished they had and will generate the profits and the lifestyle they thought they should have when they started trading.”

Dr. Rouse adds that one of the novel things about his training and the businesses he helps his students create is the fact that there are only 20 commodities in total to consider and only 3-5 that most traders will initially work with on a daily basis. So for someone who is new to trading, they will only have to look at a few charts. They can accomplish this in as little as 10-15 minutes a day after the markets close by simply checking to see if one line crossed the other line, then checking their trading checklist – if conditions are met, they put on the trade. If not, they won’t.

“I’ve set up 9 lessons in easy to follow modules,” he says. “We go through the basics of money and trading, what commodities are; different charts and how data is plotted on them. We also cover how and why the markets move. This is not what you think and it’s critical if you’re trading. We cover the other players, their motivations and how they trade. This lets you look into the mind of the competition. We also address each trader’s unique personality and discover how one’s background, life experience and age affect how they trade. If you’re 20, you’ll react based on what you know at that age, and if you’re 50, you’ll think and act differently. This goes far beyond tolerance for risk and looks at the decision making process for each individual based on their life experiences.”

Another huge difference from any other course is the fact that Dr. Rouse concentrates on back testing the system. Back testing proves the system works, while forward testing allows traders to see how they will react to the system and market conditions – and that helps them refine what they do before putting actual money into the market. Finally, because this is the only trading course that was designed, tested and approved by a top Certified Financial Planner® he felt obligated to show traders how to use this for long term wealth. He’s included a section “Long Term Wealth & Retirement” where he details the numbers, the projections and the reality of using commodity trading inside of your IRA and the one thing you need to avoid at all costs to preserve your retirement funds. “I have the ONLY course that tells you how to do this inside of an IRA and what to expect when you do. This is the key to real long-term financial security that people just don’t know about, including most professional advisors. In fact, after close to 30 years in business, I don’t know of any trading course or any professional advisor that covers how to do this,” he says.

Dr. Rouse attributes both his personal drive to succeed, and his desire to help Clients and students of his course achieve their dreams, to his humble roots growing up in a blue-collar family in South Philadelphia. His dad was a carpet installer, and Dr. Rouse showed his early entrepreneurial spirit at age 12 when he started out painting handrails on the row homes of his neighborhood – long before he knew that commodity trading existed. Before entering the financial services industry selling insurance and mutual funds with Waddell & Reed, he spent five years in the U.S. Coast Guard running small boats for Search & Rescue out of Cape May, NJ and 10 years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist where he worked in various Critical Care settings. He also tried his hand at various kinds of sales – including Amway and hustling vacuum cleaners door to door - before his several-year run in residential and commercial real estate where he earned the Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI) designation and also took Certified Commercial Investment Management (CCIM) courses.

“I’ve laid a foundation with the Quiet Trader’s EOD Scalping Trading System for the 98% of society that are not living from a second generation trust fund. It’s for the middle and front line managers and the working people,” says Dr. Rouse. “I’ve worked with everyone from doctors, lawyers and dentists to chiropractors, plumbers and tile layers. Most of them have come to me after bad experiences with tax attorneys and CPAs who have given them marginal or actual poor advice that’s not pro-active in nature. Most CFPs are only interested in selling mutual funds and life insurance, but the diversity of my background and practice has really helped me provide a way to ensure the success of every detail of the select individuals and small businesses that we deal with. I do for them what they would love to do but don’t have the background, expertise or credentials to do for themselves.”

“With my overview of close to 30 years of people’s lives investments and tax returns,” he adds, “I can see the major problems in people’s tax and financial situations that will have them working well into their 80s out of necessity. I show my Clients exactly how to permanently fix those problems, fast track their saving and retirement funds so they can get the life they want and deserve. I want these Clients and everyone else to know there are easier ways to benefit from their hard earned money that they either don’t know about or have not implemented. My course exposes groundbreaking concepts and ideas that they’ve never seen before. It’s my current quest and goal to share them and do everything I can to ensure their long term financial security and success as traders because more money gives you more options in life.”

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