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Dr Fred Rouse, CFP Retired, The REAL Money Doctor is recognized by multiple media outlets in Print, TV,  Cable and the Internet as the nation’s leading authority on Short Window Retirement Planning and a top professional in helping individuals and entrepreneurs get control of their lives, taxes and finances.

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Dr. Rouse announces NEW Video

Retirement Readiness Masterclass

For folks that want Faster Financial Independence and the option to enjoy their retirement sooner, even if they don't think they can. Without worrying about inflation, taxes, or stock market crashes.

Dr. Rouse announces NEW Video Training

Based on the live launch for his book Cracking the Code to Success, Dr Rouse releases a new FREE video training that details the 5 simple keys people need to enjoy the lifestyle they want and deserve while they experience their Ultimate Secure Retirement.


Dr Fred Rouse CFP co-authored with Jack Canfield the international best selling book The Souls of Success. He received his first Quilly Award in a Hollywood Red Carpet event and was inducted into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors for his achievement.


Dr Fred Rouse CFP co-authored with Dick Vitale  "Dickie V", an American basketball sportscaster the  best selling book "Never Give Up." He received his third Quilly Award in a Beverly Hills Red Carpet event and was again recognized by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors of which he's been a member since 2015 for his achievements.


Dr Fred Rouse CFP along with his wife Dr Teri Rouse and legendary Brian Tracy release their new book. Dr Fred taught a chapter of this book during the live book launch from the EMMY Award winning studios in Winter Park Florida.

Brian Tracey as Dr Rouse Receives EXPY Award

this award was given to only a select few people...

Dr Rouse featured in USA Today 

In a special section of Inc. Magazine, "Profiles of Success", Dr Rouse provided his thoughts on how to gain control over your life and increase their retirement funds by 63% without prior business or investment experience.

Dr Fred Rouse, CFP in Wall Street Journal

Dr Fred was featured in the Wall Street Journal in a section "The Masters of Success" for his  bestselling books with Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy as well as his commitment to helping people achieve their Ultimate Secure Retirement at an age young enough to enjoy it.

Dr Rouse featured in Inc. Magazine 

In a special section of Inc. Magazine, "Success Today", Dr Rouse provided his thoughts on being able to enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve while experiencing your Ultimate Secure Retirement.

Dr Fred Rouse, CFP in Newsweek

Dr Fred was quoted in Newsweek magazine for "The Next Big Thing" that will be occurring with people concerning their money, finance, lifestyle and eventual retirement.

Dr Fred Rouse, CFP & Masters of Illusion

Dr Fred visiting with the cast of Masters of Illusion after their show. It was an amazing performance

Dr Rouse in GLOBAL IMPACT QUARTERLY for His Business Rx Course with Brian Tracy

Dr Fred Rouse, CFP & Brian Tracy with Their NEW: "Business Rx, 6 Essentials for a Healthy Business"

They recently partnered creating this new course designed for new and startup businesses providing the critical information and specific methods to dramatically improve the profitability of and existing business and avoid or correct the costly pitfalls of doing business in an ever changing economy.

The REAL Money Doctor's SPECIAL 10 Step Goal Setting Action Guide 

The Proven Step-By-Step Guide for Setting & Achieving Your Goals is Dr Rouse's new free and most useful Action Guide to getting exactly what you want out of life. Get your free copy and learn how you too can Lead an ICONIC LIFE!

Tax Busters .........Our Special Report

How it these tax mistakes cost the rich and famous much more than they ever thought they would pay and how you can avoid their problems.

Lily’s Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that supports babies, children, and their families with unexpected and urgent needs due to premature birth.

We were privileged to be part of the Annual "St. Patrick's Day Party for Preemies" for our favorite organization.

Dr Fred Rouse, Jen Driscoll, Lily's Mom & Founder of Lily's Hope Foundation  & Dr Teri Rouse

DrFredRouse.com Proud Sponsor

Click the Logo above to discover more about this wonderful organization.

Dr Fred Rouse & the Original & Famous Lily

Dr Teri Rouse and Lily have worked on a book Lily and the Foundation.

Dr Rouse as seen in FORBES MAGAZINE...

Dr Rouse joined up with other experts and professionals from across the country to provide timely, relevant and bias-free tips on health, wealth and finance.You can find his advice, along with the advice of others, in the November 2015 issue of Forbes magazine.

Dr. Fred Rouse, CFP                                                           The REAL Money Doctor                                           ........................Featured in America's Premier Experts

Dr Fred Rouse, CFP was featured in America's Premier Experts for his work in Exposing Money Lies and helping working people achieve financial freedom. 

Dr Rouse filming HOLLYWOOD LIVE with Jack Canfield from the penthouse of the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, overlooking Hollywood Boulevard

Dr Rouse and Jack Canfield prepare to film episode of HOLLYWOOD LIVE for The Jack Canfield TV Show

Set direction

last minute preprations

Interview finished

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Soul of Success hits International Best Seller List

Dr Fred Rouse & Tommy Bahler

Dr Fred Rouse & Tommy Bahler Legendary Songwriter and Associate Producer of "We Are The World" at the red carpet event for National Academy of Best Selling National Academy of Best Selling Authors

Dr Rouse and Simon T Bailey

Dr Rouse and Simon T Bailey internationally celebrated speaker, author, consultant and head of The Brilliance Institute

Dr Fred Rouse & Kelly Stoddard

Dr Fred Rouse & Kelly Stoddard Head of Google Content Management

Best Selling Authors Interview

Onset at the interview from the Academy of Best Selling Authors

Speaking Onstage at the National Academy of Best Selling Authors

speaking to the room saying something light hearted but profound

Dr Rouse Receives Quilly Award From National Academy of Best Selling Authors

Greg Rollett, who works with Michael Gerber, Brian Tracey, Tom Hopkins, Coca-Cola, Miller Lite and Warner Brothers presents Dr Fred Rouse, CFP with the Quilly Award for his new International Best Selling book "Soul of Success".

Drs. Fred & Teri Rouse at Awards Ceremony

Dr Fred Rouse & his wife Dr Teri Rouse after receiving his Quilly Award from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

Dr Rouse at the EXPY Awards Red Carpet Reception

Dr Rouse and Nick Nanton 4x Emmy Award winning producer & director

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The REAL Money Doctor & Quiet Trader Supports Purple Purse

The entire idea of Quite Trader is to give people the opportunity to empower themselves to take charge of their financial lives by showing them exactly HOW to make money on their own without working a 2nd job or 70+ hours a week. The REAL Money Doctor & Quiet Trader actively promotes financial independence.

Purple Purse through their spokes person Kerry Washington actively promotes financial independence in relationships, wants to raise awareness of the financial abuse that takes place in relationships and help to eliminate it.

You can get involved to stop financial abuse.

The REAL Money Doctor & Quiet Trader want you to like them on Facebook and visit their site.

Like them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purplepurse

Visit their site: http://purplepurse.com/

Other Books from Dr Rouse

Special Reports from Dr Fred Rouse, CFP      ...The REAL Money Doctor